In most cases, anyone healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction or oral surgery can be considered for a dental implant. Patients should have healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant. They also must be committed to good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Heavy smokers, people suffering from uncontrolled chronic disorders -- such as diabetes or heart disease -- or patients who have had radiation therapy to the head/neck area need to be evaluated on an individual basis.

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A lost tooth can do more than take away your smile; it can take away your confidence and compromise your quality of life. Missing a tooth can affect your everyday life in numerous ways, it can alter the way you eat and talk, damaging your health and appearance. Did you know that the longer you don’t have something there to fill in the spot of a missing tooth, the more detrimental it is to your oral cavity? For example, the bone you have there will degrade faster and then when you’re ready for an implant, it’s going to cost more / take longer to get an implant there? But don’t worry, we can help change that! Don't let a missing tooth scare you - get a dental implant! A dental implant is a permanent replacement that looks and functions like a real tooth—no one will know unless you tell them.

Who should get



Single dental implants are the solution for patients who want to improve their smile, to restore their bite, or both. You are a good candidate for dental implants if you have healthy gums and enough bone to anchor the implants in your jaw. If you don’t have either, we can fix that too! You also need to be committed to taking care of the implant tooth with regular brushing, flossing, and routine checkups - this is technically for any dental procedure.

There are many other solutions to cover a single missing tooth, such as a fixed bridge, removable partial denture, or a temporary denture. 

The benefits of


Single tooth implants are an excellent solution and increasingly popular option for patients. They offer a variety of benefits including the fact that they do not impact on any of your neighboring teeth, ensuring their wellbeing is maintained. As the implant replaces both the natural tooth and the root, it also allows for the bone in the gums to be better preserved. The implant integrates with the jawbone, keeping the bone intact and ultimately healthier.

It is permanently fixed into place and it can be cared for in the same way as your other remaining teeth; with thorough brushing and cleaning the spaces between your teeth. The single tooth implant is kept in place with a stable foundation, allowing for natural comfort whilst eating and speaking.

The process of getting



procedure at Apex Dental Studio

A dental implant is a surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone over the span of a few months. The dental implant acts as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. In turn, this "artificial tooth root" serves to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Having a dental implant fused to the jawbone is the closest thing to mimicking a natural tooth because it stands on its own without affecting the nearby teeth and has great stability.

At Apex Dental Studio, we understand how stressful any dental procedure can be. Our team of health professionals takes care of your oral health, so you can focus on more important things. We make single tooth implants a relaxing and comfortable experience for you. 

How does it work?

1. In-person consultation

Meet with our implant team to evaluate your needs and understand what type of solution we can offer you. This is to ensure all your questions are answered and you feel as educated as possible. During your consultation, we will take records to evaluate if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Records include a scan of your teeth, x-rays, and checking your gums and jawbone. All of these records, will serve as your digital models hich perfectly matches your individual anatomy and forms the base for the design of your implant supported tooth. 

2. Implant placement

First, the site is prepared for placing the dental implant. The implant is placed in the bone. The site is then allowed to heal providing a stable footing for the replacement tooth. Healing time usually lasts from 3-6 months, during which time your body allows osseointegration (the integration of the bone with the implant itself) to occur. Over the next six months, multiple dental checkups will occur to monitor your progress and ensure that things are on the right track before we place a tooth on it.

3. Abutment placement

Once the implant is ready for a crown, the first step is to place a healing abutment. It will mold the gum and tissue so that when the crown is fabricated, it will fit securely and create a natural-looking appearance. Once the abutment is fixed in place for at least 2 weeks, a scan (no more impressions / goop) of your teeth will be taken so we can create a custom dental crown. 

4. Tooth placement

Once the implant site and abutment have successfully integrated, the crown / prosthetic tooth is fabricated and installed. The lab will create a custom-made crown that is shaped to your bite and perfectly matches your other teeth. The crown could either be cemented or screwed in place. 

The missing tooth area is now restored to optimal shape and function while continuing to stabilize, protect and preserve the surrounding area.

Cost of


Everyone's mouth is unique, here are some things we consider: Is it just the implant cost or implant abutment and crown cost? Is bone required? What about a guide? Does your tooth site need extra attention? Is it a titanium or zirconia implant? Is it in the front of your mouth or in the back? How nice do you want it to look? How fast do you want it? Do you want a tooth there while it heals? All of these will be taken into consideration, but one thing is for sure, we’re not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive according to dental statistics. So come on in and let’s talk.

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